Our Mission, Belief & History

Mission Statement
The mission of Nativity of Our Lord School is to foster each student’s relationship with God and His people while maintaining high academic standards and a commitment to Catholic values. We work in partnership with our families in the total development of their children to ensure that every student reaches his/her potential.
Belief Statements
We, the faculty of Nativity of Our Lord School, believe:

  • That our Catholic identity should pervade our daily relationships as well as our instruction;
  • That God is present in our lives, and the reinforcement of Catholic morals and values is essential throughout the school day;
  • That as followers of Christ, it is our duty to foster an atmosphere of respect for ourselves and others;
  • That because each child is unique, varying methods of teaching are necessary to help each child achieve his/her potential;
  • That all children have a right to a safe and loving school environment;
  • That education is the shared responsibility of the school, students, family, community, and government.

Nativity of Our Lord’s History
The present property site for Nativity of Our Lord School at Street and York Roads in Warminster was purchased by Cardinal O’Hara, who named Reverend John M. Healy the first pastor of the parish on May 9, 1956. One of Father Healy’s first parochial duties was preparing for the opening of a parish school. Here, the children of the parish would receive their academic training enhanced by a knowledge and love of God.

On May 5, 1957, ground was broken for the school building. Nativity School opened its doors for the first time on September 3, 1958, two short years after the founding of the parish.

During this two year interim period, the children of Nativity of Our Lord were provided with their Catholic education by Saint John Bosco in Hatboro and Saint Joseph School in Warrington.

The new elementary school was staffed by three Sisters of Saint Joseph of Chestnut Hill and two lay teachers, quite a difference from the present-size faculty and administration!

The original building was actually a school-hall with the lower floor used as a church and the upper floor used as a school. In 1964, the first addition was erected. The present church was added to the west end of the school building, and the lower floor of the school-hall was made into eight additional classrooms and offices.

In September, 1965, an extension was added to the east end of the building, opposite the church. Since then, the physical structure of the school has remained the same until 1988. Under the direction and foresight of the third pastor, Reverend William J.J. O’Donnell, a third addition was erected which provided needed classrooms and space for academic and administrative flexibility.

With an increasing student body requiring qualified teachers and a dwindling number of religious available to fill opening positions, the Sisters of Saint Joseph assumed the task of appointing a lay principal. In September, 1980, Susan E. Roche, now Susan E. Klunder, was named Principal of Nativity of Our Lord School and the first lay principal in the Archdiocese. She remained its guiding force until June, 2010. Ms. Roselee Maddaloni became principal July, 2010 and will continue the mission of excellence that has been its standard.

Nativity of Our Lord School has continually advanced with the changing scope of education and technology. The school now has brought various kinds of technology into the curriculum including netbook and laptop computers, a computer lab, a hands-on Science curriculum and fully equipped Science Lab, multiple Smartboards, wiki spaces, blogs and a Facebook page. Our faculty is consistently upgrading their knowledge of education issues and methods through attendance at workshops and in-service opportunities.

Nativity of Our Lord School owes its success — past, present, and future — to those who have not been afraid to recognize a need and to work to realize its fulfillment. May its history endure!