TADS Program

Tuition for Nativity of Our Lord School students is collected by a third party agency, TADS Tuition Management, of Minneapolis, MN.
Upon enrollment/re-enrollment in our school each family is responsible for maintaining current tuition payments and any appropriate fees. C.A.R.E.S. charges for before and after care are also billed to families through TADS.
Each family account will have a choice of payment plans and methods as well as due dates for payments. Any failure to maintain current accounts may result in a student’s exclusion from school for non-payment at the direction of the Parish Business Manager or the Pastor. Fees issued by TADS for late payments cannot be removed by school personnel.
Families who are experiencing sudden or unusual economic hardship are urged to contact the Parish Business Manager as soon as possible in order to help us provide a plan that is reasonable in order to maintain the child’s enrollment in school.
Parents may access their own account information by consulting the TADS secure website: www.secure.tads.com.
For additional help or questions, parents can call TADS directly at 1-800-477-8237.
Some questions about TADS can also be answered by the Parish Business Manager (215-675-1925) or by the Enrollment Director (215-675-2820)